mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Relative virtue

It snows in a light but determined fashion that may end at something like 10 cm. I've swept and/or shovelled it- three times, in fact- and am done for tonight. Must remember to stretch out whole body before shovelling, just as I must stretch everything before getting out of bed in the morning, pfui.

Attended friends' annual Christmas fundraiser for her sister who runs a preschool in the Phillippines. Home-made party sandwiches and pastries to be had; also, slippery streets kept a number of people at home so it wasn't the crush it usually is. Made it there and back on knees that had been drugged into submission and feel triumphant in consequence, because the last time I did this two years ago I was in agony from climbing subway stairs.

Bought turkey thighs, cheap, and slow cooked them this evening- in the oven, not the slow cooker, because the latter always takes too long. Celery and carrots and onions melted into a lovely porridge. But fat, yes indeed, turkey dark meat is fat. Also there is only one current offering of 'poultry seasoning' available, and it is distinctly less thymey than the classic blend, beside containing nutmeg which should not be in there, and not containing rosemary which should.

The Gecko People down the street put out a single perfect cocktail glass on their front uhhh hedge last night, along with what turns out to be expired Earl Grey tea bags. So now I have the proper glass for my Johnson cocktail, even if I have no Earl Grey. (They're the Gecko People because they have a gecko which escaped one summer day. They were most distressed and put up notices around the neighbourhood with a photo. Grapevine says gecko was finally located at Christie Pits a block over and a block down across a busy street, quite the expedition for a lizard. That was in 2015. The GP now have a baby and put out outgrown baby clothes instead.)

In annoyances: my server has gone to a new spam filter program which suddenly doesn't work for me. Have emailed them, and spent an hour on hold this morning. This is only a pain because the spam filter grabs every new business address that comes up (but not the ones that actually send you spam) and I may want to deal with some online stores with grabbable addresses. I suppose I should start using my phone's gmail address, but oh I do not trust gmail.
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