mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Tell me again why I'm supposed to take you seriously?

In comes the regular metafandom masspost. I am immediately discouraged from reading any of it, and for why?

First line of first entry summary: I've never rated a fic nc17 for it's violence.

First line of third entry summary: "Snakes on a Plane" has alot going for it as a film. (And continues:) There film is even having scenes added, the rating changed, and may incorportate an element from one of the parodies.

(Props to entry 2 for "Lucasfilm tolerates what we do to a point because it knows it's in its interest to have an active fandom.")

Probably this is as unfair of me as citing similar examples from fanficrants. (Wanted to snark at someone today for talking about "the Marauder's era"- who was The Marauder?- but naturally got side-tracked into a discussion of seme and uke dynamics in Saiyuuki. The saving grace of a fandom obsession.) metafandom just grabs people's (sometimes) unthought meditations and throws them in front of a (sometimes) uninvited audience of the wider fandom. But still. Just as it's guaranteed that a rant on spelling and grammar will contain at least one typo, so too with high-level theorizing, which can be undercut completely by the theorizer's conviction that "a lot" is one word.

(Come, woman, Yumemakura is waiting. Back to our muttons.)
Tags: fandom, language

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