mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Things I Never Knew

Put gin in the freezer and it's fine. Put vermouth in the freezer and it freezes. Thus I had a Johnson Slushie tonight, which is fine. My ice is a bit iffy.

Starbucks has started posting calorie counts. Now I know where that weight gain came from. And now I'm happy to order an egg white breakfast sandwich and Earl Grey tea instead of the latte and croissant.

Finished this week?
A pair of Cotterills- Anarchy and Old Dogs and Curse of the Pogo Stick. Addiction solitaire has replaced reading now that we're in the Latter Days.

Reading now?
Still When I Find You Again It Will Be In Mountains, because it does have the hanzi for each poem and I feel the need to puzzle through them first and see if I can make sense of the translation. Reading in translation goes faster if I don't have the original to look at. And anyway, these translations don't really speak to me as poems.

Still The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Fluff, pleasant after an achy day of work.

Janie Chang, Three Souls
-- haven't really got into that and may not. We're in the Latter Days, after all.

Probably the next three Cotterills and then I'll stop.

Am activating my library holds from 2015 just to see what they are and to get them off the hold list.
Tags: food, meme, reading_16, rl_16, verse

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