mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sunday happinesses redux

Went out walking today amid the empty trees and mild blue skies. Passed my local cafe and found it virtually empty, so grabbed a table and a latte and a turkey and pear sandwich. Five minutes later twenty people showed up in quick succession and clumps. Exquisite timing.

[personal profile] oursin has been reading a century+ old etiquette book, and as she notes, the plus ça change is strong within.
Should a man be so fortunate as to be of some service to any lady in the street, such as picking up a parcel or sunshade she may have dropped, or helping her out of any small difficulty, he must raise his hat and withdraw at once. Such trifling acts as these do not by any means constitute an acquaintanceship, and to remain by her side when the incident is over would look like presuming on what he had done, as though it gave him a right to her continued acknowledgments. This would be ungentlemanly.
Ah, for the days when men feared to be called ungentlemanly. Got it, guys? Tip your baseball cap and withdraw at once.

A two-kilo weight drop makes stairs surprisingly easier to negotiate. Not sure what caused this, unless it's a failure to buy bread, but am grateful for it anyway.
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