mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Too long a day

So camwyn writes that May 9 is her thirty-second birthday and I think- the first thing I think- is 'You're only celebrating for thirty seconds? Is this a New York thing?'

Finished Sethra Lavode yesterday. There is no more Paarfi, and even worse, no more Brust. This is sad. However I will express my gratitude to Mr.Brust for letting me be a Musketeer, finally. I've wanted to be a Musketeer ever since I was thirteen but Dumas wouldn't let me, le maudit phallocrate. (Now tell me phallocrate is feminine. Le con, la phalle, la phallocrate. Sure, why not?)

Should watch the last two DVDs of Samurai Champloo and check if there's anything grabworthy in Bleach vols 8-11, was it? since I dropped a hundred bucks plus on said DVDs and manga. But I think I'll take my sinuses to bed instead.
Tags: brust, humour, manga_06
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