mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Saturday gratitudes

1. The cold rain that soaked me on the way to acupuncture stopped before I went to see my aunt.

2. I wanted a Siri Paiboun mystery to curl up with while I work on not getting a cold from being soaking wet. The one I have from BMV is five volumes along from the one I just read (#2) and has surprise!spouses and surprise!children. Limped down the stairs to Seekers' and there, the one and only Cotterill, was #3.

3. The streets are compositions of grey and rain-wet black, with umber and old gold splashed in thick daubs.

... and ingratitudes:
1. The $300 winter jacket is not waterproof as promised.

2. The $99 winter jacket, superior to the above in almost every way, does not keep the wind out sufficiently and requires a fleecy underneath.

3. My weight is up another two pounds and has now reached a figure unseen in nine years, which makes wearing a fleecy under my jacket a dicey proposition.
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