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Sunday happinesses - Off the Cliff

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Sun Nov 6th, 2016

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05:28 pm - Sunday happinesses
1. My warm mist humidifier wouldn't warm last night. Light came on but no steam came out. It has an automatic shutoff when water is all gone and so are you, having forgotten to unplug it as on Friday's zombie morning, but the unit seemed to have burned itself out anyway. Was not going to go downstairs and root around dark bunker for the cool mist so did without, dry-coughing through the night. Unplugged it this morning to remove and on a sudden thought, by parallel with Windows, plugged it back in. And it lives!

Am still intending to find a Heaven Fresh humidifier like my brother's, which will take tapwater and doesn't require buying and recycling three four-litre jugs of distilled water a week.

2. The trees with unshed leaves are solid gold, as if they'd been dipped into that pool in The Voyage of the Dawntreader.

3. Spent a reasonably productive day adulting. Washed bedding and towels at laundromat, washed a sinkful of dishes here, washed new coat 1 and new waffle top 2 because of Odour (and shall be peeved if it proves unmovable), raked leaves from back yard and side passage and made good, cut down swathes of dead vine from fence, and made liver dish for dinner.

4. There's such a thing as glow in the dark yarn. There's even a site that makes glow in the dark winter hats. The link was on FB and of course I didn't bookmark it and suddenly FB won't show it again- in spite of everyone and their brother showing me ads for anything I've clicked on ever- but I could get my own yarn and make an ear warmer for winter. Or buy a Lumos helmet, though that's a bit optimistic about what the weather will be like.

5. Reading a Mary Russell about her and Holmes in Japan, or on their way to Japan on a boat, which is diverting and lets me do my ex-expat's sneer about 'that Japanese sentence is wrong' and 'I know no Japanese who start quoting Basho the minute after they've introduced themselves.' Though IIRC the Japanese in question is from Osaka where they do things differently.

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Date:November 7th, 2016 04:55 am (UTC)
Glow in the dark whatevers ... fun AND useful! Girl has g-i-t-d shoelaces! ... and phone cover! Which is perfect because she's always forgetting where she puts them!

I need g-i-t-d glasses because ... ahahaha I'm always forgetting where I put them ^_^
[User Picture]
Date:November 7th, 2016 01:51 pm (UTC)
I must look into the phone cover because I lose my phone in my backpack.

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