mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wednesday's little body is still aweary of this great world

We had the replacement from hell Monday and Tuesday. He had a violin. He really really really wanted to play his violin, and did: LOUD LOUD LOUD and FLAT. Discover that in the event four separate people told him he was playing too loud for the room and the age group. 'Well, can I go upstairs and play for the preschoolers? They'd really like it!' And he's been doing this for ten years and still has no notion of adult: child ratio or sectional programming?

I'm terribly afraid we'll get him again in our current crunch.

The Classic of Mountains and Seas.

And now?
If I can't make myself read more than two pages of Everfair for fear of horrors, then I should take it back to the library and let the hordes get their turn with it.

Lackadaisically, Cottrill's The Coroner's Lunch which tells me more about Laotian Communists than I want to know.

And next?
I have, oddly, a Mary Russell that I almost want to read, involving her with the Japanese. I'm only afraid it will have oogey flashbacks to A Slight Trick of the Mind, read during an unhappy period of my life.
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