mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ten down, two to go

Today's happinesses:

1. Twelve dollars and change found in the pocket of my light jacket
2. New coffee house down on Bloor, good tea lattes and cookies, and room for more tables which is good because the Apple Corps are already present in force.*
3. Strawberry and rhubarb pie for dessert.

November's reading stats

Parker, The Masuda Affair
Matsuura, A Robe of Feathers
Datlow & Windling ed, Coyote Road
Dinesen, The Angelic Avengers
Durbin, A Green and Ancient Light
Tan, Tales from Outer Suburbia
Birrell, trans- The Classic of Mountains and Seas

Reading challenge wise, I've met my Chinese diaspora quota but only by counting library books. Alas, I don't want to read Timothy Mo, and I really wonder if Lisa See's single Chinese great-grandfather counts, no matter the subject matter. I'm nowhere near meeting the Chinese mainland one because all my Chinese books are great thumping tomes indifferently translated, to my tastes. Or they might be dead accurate, in which case the subject matter is what's yawn-a-minute. Maybe I should cheat and use poetry instead of Ming stories.

*The Apple Corps have rendered my old coffee house a crapshoot: no spaces available after 10 a.m. because all places are occupied by a laptop and an empty demi-tasse. Now, the Israeli place gets around that by simply cutting power to the outlets: battery or nothing, guys, so instead it's occupied by loud conversing groups, and still no places to be had once the patio closes for the winter.
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