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Staggering towards the weekend - Off the Cliff

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Thu Oct 20th, 2016

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08:37 pm - Staggering towards the weekend
Scans reading list. Do these exercises for two minutes a day and you’ll immediately feel happier, researchers say. Hmmm... 'Three Acts of Gratitude. Spend two minutes a day scanning the world for three new things you’re grateful for.' Not three egregiously entitled things people said today that made me livid? (Scratch that- two egregiously entitled things and one aggrieved whine.)

Yes well, this is why I am not a happy soul.

But in the universe's small gifts dep't-

Someone at work says 'You know your watch is in the medicine box?' No, I didn't know. Whichever kind soul picked it up from where I dropped it and put it in the medicine box for safe keeping didn't mention the fact to me. (And if it was *I* who put it there and utterly forgot doing so, don't tell me, because then I will be sure I have early onset Alzheimer's.) But I have my neat battery watch back, and am grateful.

Among the list of 'Tiresome Phonecalls To Faceless Bureaucracies' Automated Answering Services' currently on the agenda was one to my email servers, to ask about the bold screaming yellow message at the head of the spam filter, to the effect that the use of McAfee would be cancelled as of January the somethingth and please make alternate arrangements. Note it was my provider who selected McAfee, not I. Today comes an email from the provider saying ignore any such messages, we're just upgrading the service. Whew.

General Meeting passed swiftly and painlessly with childcare provided by two sweet enthusiastic Young People, one briskly professional Young Person, and two arthritic old lags. The older of the arthritic old lags was pleased with the company and happy it's all over for another six months.

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Date:October 21st, 2016 01:24 am (UTC)
I think there's a difference between being *grateful* for something, and *appreciating* something. Being "grateful" implies being grateful to someone or something, by my understanding. "Appreciating" is more... a sigh of relief for a moment's ease.
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Date:October 21st, 2016 01:37 am (UTC)
In this case, I think I'm both grateful /and/ appreciative. And trying to hold on to that thought.

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