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The Angelic Avengers - Off the Cliff

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Sat Oct 15th, 2016

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07:52 pm - The Angelic Avengers
My sporadic and unsatisfying reading finally turns up something which is at least page-turny: The Angelic Avengers by Pierre Andrézel, aka Isak Dinesen. It was my mother's, probably an original hardcover, which I started in '98 but got nowhere with until interrupted by a gall bladder attack. I think it felt too High Wind in Jamaica for me at the time. However, I have learned to persevere and am now halfway through, having just learned what it is the angelic avengers are going to avenge..

Having discovered how goodreads can make any book seem not worth reading, I purposely read nothing about it, including the dustjacket blurb. This has led to an anxious few days. Because OK, clearly we're being set up for a Gothic, but are we going to get the subtlety of Dinesen's Gothic, or something closer to the genre tropes; or are we indeed going to slop over into de Sade territory? I mean, there must be a reason why she used a(nother) pseudonym. This is what happens when straight lit people wander into genre territory, as we all know. They don't know the rules so don't play by the rules so anything at all could happen and there's no guarantee of safety.

So... will the mild-mannered parson and his wife turn out to be procurers? No- or wait, yes, and worse besides. Unless there's another switcheroo. We've been set up for devil worshippers or something along those lines. Our innocent heroines are about to be parted and put forth alone, again, upon the turbulent sea. Arghity argh argh argh.

I will say, it's actually refreshing to have young women who are shocked and unmanned by the wickedness about them, instead of cheerfully blase and managing like Burgis' Kat Stephenson. It's what makes Dinesen's early 19th century setting feel realistic.

Otherwise last night with The Little Girls turned out to be dinner and a show, and the show was Despicable Me, which of course I'd never seen before. Now I know where Minions come from. I only see films when I'm at TLG's place and this was certainly several cuts above the Disney Princesses.

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Date:October 16th, 2016 05:45 am (UTC)
Despicable Me came out at a time when I stopped going to 'children's' flicks ... but they assured me that this was 'not a bad film' ... glad I saw it ... I thought it was pretty good by 'children's flicks' standards ... sometimes though I have no standards looking at what I will go and see, but yeah Despicable Me was pretty ok. ^_^

... and hurrah for books that pleasantly surprise us. I love it when that happens.
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Date:October 16th, 2016 10:43 pm (UTC)
I thought Despicable Me compared well with The Triplets of Belleville. It had a certain Europeanish take on what should have been pure saccharine silliness.

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