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Three gratitudes - Off the Cliff

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Thu Oct 13th, 2016

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09:49 pm - Three gratitudes
The dollar store has waffle shirts in again, which I wear three seasons of the year to work and that get splashed with bleach droplets and imbued with a sweat smell that won't go away. So new ones at $10 a pop are always appreciated. And maybe I'll give in and just throw out the smelly ones, since none of the classic treatments can reduce that lingering stink to a point where my foxhound's nose can't detect it.

I have tomorrow off work, and it will be a sunny autumn day, and I could go to Old Navy and get some tanktops that fit.

And in the evening I sit the Little Girls, who are practically at an age to sit themselves. But they wanted me over! So, yeah.

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Date:October 14th, 2016 05:43 pm (UTC)
All those sound good, comfortable, comforting and heartwarming.

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