mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading Wednesday would prefer a hot bath

Or new joints. Or a permanent nerve blocker. (Staff with rotator cuff injury was given a nerve blocker for her surgery. 'Why can't *I* have one of those?' I demanded. 'Because they're very dangerous,' said the Nurse Trainee, and proceeded to tell me why. So sad.)

Last finished?
Matsuura, A Robe of Feathers.
-- reread of Gaijin Writes Youkai, more appreciated now I have more youkai under my belt. Made me wonder if perhaps I'd been reading Ima Ichiko backwards, as it were: thinking of her as a disjunct from trad youkai (all those Edo period long-necked one-eyed bogles) when she was actually adapting them to the modern world. Matsuura does very much the same. I just wasn't seeing her as an Ima Ichiko manga, and should have been.

She has a blog here.

Reading now?
Still with the ack argh everything!

Getting somewhere with The coyote road: trickster tales. Datlow and Windling do good anthologies. Must comment on the stories before I take it back or in a week I'll have forgotten all of it.

Still forging through The Classic which is still in formulaic mode. Will tell you if I ever get to the myth parts.

Don't want to read The Secret Place. Tana French's Dublin blokes are too blokey for me.

The Pound Era and Women who run with the wolves sit and look at me reproachfully. Can I legitimately put them out on the boulevard on the grounds that I tried reading them, I really did, but they bore me? Same is true of The Decameron but I might actually read the second half of that just to say that I did.

And next?
Will there ever be a next? A mystery set in the 18th century is on its way from the library as is one of Shaun Tan's manga. May have better luck with those.
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