mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Long weekend varia

1. OK, autumn says, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Forget those balmy lows of 15/16 and those daytime humidexes of 30. We're going for COLD (ie under 10) with a north wind to back it. Close the windows, wrap up in quilts and flannel, pray you don't need the furnace this early. And now I'm almost wishing I had a space heater, though those things suck electricity, just to warm up the bedroom, the way the window A/C cools it down.

2. One positive reinforcement of adulting is the nice clean fresh-smelling terrycloth robe. Oddly, this doesn't work for sheets and pillow cases, but that's because I do those at home in energy-efficient cold water detergent, which doesn't smell nearly as nice as the laundromat's hot water Tide.

3. Note trees going red, street gutters golden with fallen ash leaves (if they are), pure white clouds in blue sky etc. A brisk Thanksgiving, I think, unlike the past two or three years: but then look at past stats and discover it's quite as warm as those past Thanksgivings. Try 2012 with its highs, not lows, of 8 and 9. And last night my bro and s-i-l went swimming in Lake Erie, so yeah.

4. Must admit the first few chapters of The Classic of Mountain and Seas are not riveting stuff. Follows an invariable pattern: x many leagues away is Mt (two words). X mineral is found at the top/ bottom/ sides. There is an animal there that looks like (some real animal) but it has (some totally bizarre physical feature- human face, only one leg, green skin.) If you (eat it/ wear its skin at your belt) you will be (cured of piles/ unafraid of thunder/ never jealous.) If it appears there will be (drought, arson, military levies/ universal peace) over all the earth.

I wish the translator could have included pictures of all the animals because they add a certain je ne sais quoi, as is the case of Muddle Thick which some kind tumblrite has posted to their page.

But more often it's hard to envision:
There is an animal on this mountain that has the appearance of a ram's body and a human face; its eyes are under its armpits; it has tiger fangs and human nails. It makes a noise like a baby. Its name is goat-owl. It eats humans.
'And a good little child will not play with him.'

5. Have a Tana French from the library to supplement the non-fiction reading (or semi-nonfiction in the case of The Classic). The old dream of curling up and reading myself silly remains, but with my adult-onset ADHD/ net-surfer syndrome I doubt it will happen. Non-fic I can sort of treat as work reading, not expected to be entertaining; but when fiction fails to be at once and immediately engrossing, I feel cheated and so go looking for something else that's guaranteed to divert. Which, of course, nothing is.
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