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Even if tonight is a leetle too warm, this tail-end of summer is… - Off the Cliff

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Wed Sep 21st, 2016

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09:27 pm
Even if tonight is a leetle too warm, this tail-end of summer is still pleasant: mornings are cool, days are for walking out in clothes, no sweating or shivering. So unusual.

Finished this week?
Burgis- Kat Incorrigible
- my Saturday stay-at-home (rain and headache) fluff read, very satisfying in being well-paced, feel-good, rewarding, and fast. Worth reading and easy to read.

Still with Pandemonium and Parade and The Pound Era, also satisfying in their won't-be-rushed fashion.

Parker, The Convict's Sword
- to date, less annoying than some Akitadas. At least he's back in the capital, not freezing up north with rustics and corrupt officials. I was congratulating me on having finished the series ie the six paperbacks bought Back When, but random googling revealed there's not only another seven, it spoilered me for the action of the present book. Argh.

I have a loose-end depressive tendency to spend my autumns reading detective series, usually with little pleasure and less profit. I do not want to slide into a compulsive Akitada read.

Another Burgis at some point, probably on the next rainy day. Odd when I bounced so hard off Masks and Shadows- but then, probably I had the wrong expectations of that one.

Find myself jonesing again for Sherlock pastiche, which is good because I have another volume of it on the shelf and bad because my other volume is all by one author whose first story did not impress. Jonesing may also vanish with the warmth, because it's a warm-weather thing that started back in warm 2011.

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Date:September 22nd, 2016 04:00 pm (UTC)
Every time I see the The Pund Era ... my brain reads it as The Pound Ezra ... Brain, can you not, please!

I've read a few Holmesian- things but the only one that seems to stick is John Dickson Carr. ^_^ .. I knew I had a copy somewhere alas ... It seems to be in the wind now. Damn!
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Date:September 23rd, 2016 01:17 am (UTC)
Oh, I suppose there was some notion of that in Kenner's mind. He loves his word play. Up till *now* (cough cough) I hadn't registered it myself.

Reminds me that I have half of the Carr/ Doyle collaboration- the half written by Doyle, I believe. Could probably get the other half from the library. Shall look.

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