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The grave gives up its secrets and the sea gives up its dead sooner than Gunma PO gives up the packages entrusted to it. Nonetheless someone seems to have struck their rod on the ground and commanded the waves, because Tues to Thurs of this week has seen the arrival of
--a package of books with Salty Dog 4, various Koori no Mamono, and the latest Saiyuki ep
--a lone Papuwa episode
--which next day reveals to have been *last* month's Papuwa ep because this is this month's, plus FMA; and
--five count 'em five packages of batteries. shiny_monkey, I'm assuming you didn't in fact send those all at the same time? No, I thought not.
My extreme gratitude for all of this.

Meanwhile I chug merrily into The Paths of the Dead. It's refreshing to see Morrolan, free of Vlad's colloquialism, displaying the semi-doltish comprehension skills that Paarfi's style imputes to all its subjects. I am also reminded of the Musée d'Orsay.

When the Musée d'Orsay first opened it was noted by the foreign press that the architect of the reconstruction, the museum's first curator and the minister of Culture were all women, and that this fact was not considered worthy of note in France. Precisely. In Brust the main warlord, the warlord's successor, the demon whom the gods are sending to aid these two, the hidden heir to the throne, and the other possible heir whose existence may cause complications, are all female; and this fact is not considered worthy of note by the personages and Beings involved. (Paarfi's style OTOH is catching.)

He rather prays, you will be pleased to see,
One such today, as other plays should be,

as Ben Jonson said once and I was required to memorize.

And all this is from someone who- shinjirarenai- lives in Las Vegas. Ah well. I'm just grateful for a world where the stereotypes simply... don't function.
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