mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Monks, all is burning

Though it burns less since that deluge this evening. So now it merely steams.

Just finished?
Full Fathom Five. Excellent book on reread, with some notion of what and why under my belt. Then started Last First Snow, again, and again got nowhere with it. I think this is because Gladstone's women are amazing- Tara, Kai Izza, Teo, Ms. Kevarian, the lot of them. Gladstone's men are dweebs- Denovo, Caleb, Jace. And this is about Temoc, who didn't impress me much in Two Serpents Rise. The young Elayne Kevarian also made some bad choices and I'm afraid this may be about one of them.

Reading now?
Making some progress with Pandemonium and Parade and none with Women Who Run with Wolves.

Deborah Crombie and suicidal poets modelled on Sylvia Plath turns out to be not what I want so I'm reading an Akitada Judge Dee pastiche, which is not what I want either but seems more like a reasonable read.

If and when it cools down I might get back to my reading challenge reading, which is sadly short on mainland Chinese and Chinese diaspora reading. Since I find both of those areas like the bones in Ezekiel's valley, exceeding dry, I can't see me getting far with it. Unless rereading The Ghost Bride counts. (Alas, and to date, I simply can't get into Marjorie Liu at all.)
Tags: meme, reading_16, rl_16

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