mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"and Lady Mondegreen"

I have the old song Furusato on my play list. I kept hearing the first line as 'the rabbits are delicious'- usagi oishi. Ah that old hometown cookin'. Yes, OK. Hurray for archaic endings (should have known from the wasure gataki instead of wasuregatai.) 'usagi oi 追い shi し kano yama'- to wit, those hills where I once chased after rabbits. (Yeah, 追い is a long o and oishi is short, but songs do occasionally hold vowel sounds to match the notes.) Good. *That's* cleared up at least.

Usagi oishi kano yama
Kobuna tsurishi kano kawa
Yume wa ima mo megurite
Wasuregataki Furusato

Ikani imasu chichi-haha
Tsutsu ga nashi ya tomogoaki
Ame ni kaze ni tsuketemo
Omoi izuru Furusato

Kokorozashi wo hatashite
Itsu no hi ni ka kaeran
Yama wa aoki Furusato
Mizu wa kiyoki Furusato
Tags: humour, japanese, music, verse

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