mjj (flemmings) wrote,

...immo etiam taedet, taedet obestque magis*

(*I gather this crux in Catullus has been resolved by removing one of the taedets, but this is how I learned it and have repeated it in my head for nigh on half a century)

Either dry eye or age, but I can no longer read comfortably with my naked eye, which is a pain, especially in allergy season. Must wear lens and use reading glasses. Chiz curses sa molesworth.

There was a martial arts demonstration at Dufferin Grove Park with lotsa young boys in flounced gold trousers and red jackets waving poles and swords to drum usic. Could not see clearly who and what because of previous paragraph.

Dreamed that my brother's house was on the right side of mine, not the left, and on a different street. An obnoxious Portugese guy had come in to my place and was walking about my living room clicking his tongue at the state of the plaster, clearly waiting for me to ask him to repair it. I yelled at him to get out of my house instead, then went to lock my bike to the porch rails and found I unexpectedly had two Kryptonite locks. Then noticed the front of bro's house was all carpentered and plywooded- he was having his windows replaced. Walked in and found he'd taken down the inside wall as well, making everything airily open concept. 'This is lovely," I said. 'How much is it costing?' '$30,000 for the front,' he said, 'but worth it.' I woke up feeling large and expansive and then realized that I don't have $30,000 to redo the front of my house and how sad that is.

I bought a new Dirtdevil vacuum cleaner for 50% off and rode it home on the bicycle and it only fell off once, so we'll call today a win on that score at least.

Where the need is sorest dep't- my summer reading still fails to satisfy, being either too airy (Holmes pastiche) or too stodgy (youkai studies) or undefinably but insistently irritating (Decameron, Women and Wolves.) Dropped the equally annoying Pelagia off at a Wee Free Libraree and found a Deborah Crombie mystery. I think A Deborah Crombie mystery is what I've been wanting. Would also like a rainy cold day to read it on, but those are not to be had for the asking.
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