mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The End of August at the Hotel Ozone

There's an end of August topos, sometimes: a sense of sun and large skies and happiness and freedom. It may owe, distantly, to the going-back-to-school of my adolescence; to early 80s trips to Europe or mid-80s Japanese film festivals and opera for the masses, down at Harbourfront when Harbourfront was bike-friendly and non-condo'd. But mostly I associate it with the brave new fannish worlds of Papuwa and Saiyuki and dragons, long ago as those were as well. Whatever, yesterday was one of those days--

--until the evening when it clouded over and I remembered the other end of August topos, one much more recent and pervasive: peevish, undistinguished, unsatisfying. Maybe it *is* all in the weather.

Whatever, Nora's Hugo has cheered me up immensely. Also abandoned Boccaccio for Holmes pastiche, which at least made a break from all those wives seduced by monks. Though I've now reached the original source of All's Well That Ends Well, which doubtless reads better in Shakespeare's version than Boccaccio's
Tags: reading_16, rl

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