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Wednesday's child is all thumbs

Opened a new ziplock bag of frozen raspberries this morning. Put quantum sufficit on my cereal. Took bag to freezer, bag tipped, unzipped-lock let 2/3 of the contents fall to the floor. This was only the first of a Day of Klutz that makes me think I need to retire to bed and stay there for the rest of my days.

Otherwise, memeage:

Last finished?
Four Roads Cross, alas, and nothing since.

Reading now?
With any possibility of finishing soon?
Merriman, The Midnight Court, which I've had in an old translation for nigh on forty years and never read. I'm tempted to look at this new one by Ciaran Carson, even though the library system doesn't have it. But it does have his translation of the Táin bó Cúailnge, which tempts me too, and this is *why* there is no end to the borrowing of books and much reading is a weariness of the flesh.

100 Demons vol the whatever. Slow going, as ever, but I don't want to rush it. Though perversely what I *really* want is more Phantom Moon Tower or something else Taisho, and not the later annals of the Ijima family.

Not any time soon?
Boccaccio, The Decameron, sofa reading. Goes down easily but weighs a ton.

Feng, Stories Old and New: A Ming Dynasty Collection. Yanno what I'm really tired of? Chinese stories about unfaithful wives seduced by go-betweens. Tedious, medicinal, bleh. Weighs two tons.

Ciardi's Inferno is not as good as I remember. What happened to the one we had at home with the Doré illustrations? Bet the Art Gallery copped it, hmpf.

Whatever, a copy of The Old Straight Track is coming from the library. Maybe I'll finally learn what ley lines are.

When it cools off I will bite bullet and buy a copy of Full Fathom Five. If I ever had a copy it has vanished into a black hole somewhere. Have been through all the shelves, reading the titles to avoid Johnson Spot Blindness, and it's not on any of my shelves. Suspect it's in fact Under Something, but there's a lot of somethings it could be under.
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