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1. The coffee shop is back open again. Sometimes I get jaded by it being the only game in my neighbourhood, but after a mere five days of making do with Starbucks and Second Cup, ohh that lovely smooth latte goes down so well.

2. The wind blows and it's not as hot as before. Rain comes in and yes, it steams, but hey, rain!

3. Because it rains and I'm stuck inside (not by the rain but by the severe thunderstorm warning) I embroider a little at the spotty tank top's spots and sew some more of the ragged tank top's ragged hems. Sewing is not good for people with neck problems but does give satisfaction.

4. OTOH the problem with the Craft series is that I know nothing about the upper echelons of banking and finance and stocks. Never could understand leverage and buying on margin and short-selling; I think it's a form of math dyslexia because I've always had it. Possibly I shouldn't worry about the details and just pretend these are people attacking divine players. Just, old-fashioned gods usually had more power than mortals, and their not having it confuses something basic in me.

5. Gas bill comes. Less than $50, more than half of which is the rental for the water heater. I've missed the comfort of hot water to my neck on sore days, but once I've washed off the day's sweat in the shower I don't feel like easing my creaking self into a bath. This inadvertent economy is at least good for the finances.

5. Environment Canada has somehow mislaid their stats for summer 2005, but I seem to remember something similar then, in the 'ever-receding approaching cold front'. Two weeks ago they said it would be here last week; now it's supposed to arrive week after next. As long as it comes... But I must say, I've been rather enjoying having the AC on to keep the house bearable. No miserable sweaty nights with fans too hot or too cold and never Baby Bear just right.
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