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Gakkari - Off the Cliff

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Sat Aug 6th, 2016

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09:39 pm - Gakkari
Had a perfectly ripping idea how to break the chronic depressive playing of Addiction Solitaire: I would use Duolingo to start learning Dutch. This worked for two days. Then I disabled the annoying remind-you app, and I no longer wish to learn Dutch via Duolingo.

A parmesan cheese sauce is the hardest thing to get off of pans and spatulas. It forms a silly putty (who here has heard of silly putty?) coating that you can soak in boiling water and scrape with a knife and scrub with a plastic brillo, which gets it off the utensils, but then it sticks to the brillo. For something that's only butter and cheese, its adamant refusal to melt is amazing.

The Country Style, last east European restaurant on the Bloor strip, has closed its doors for good. Sic transit gloria annorum 50s&60s, when schnitzel was an exotic dish and pierogies were labelled dumplings. Next to it, Inticrafts, the hodgepodge bazaar that had beads and boxes and dragon sealing wax, has moved to smaller premises further west that was once, briefly, an upscale barber shop. The Futon Store next to Inticraft, run by turban-wearing white guys, vanished a while back, purportedly to become a restaurant. .Eastwest Futons down the block from them is now also boarded up. There goes the neighbourhood...

On the upside, I discover I can buy a real Japanese futon here, for only $500 and change.

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