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Reading Wednesday Has One Eye on the Sky

...from which rain may fall again. Though the last downpour failed to wet the ground under the cherry tree, it did sluice everything else. OTOH the rain this year has singularly failed to produce those walls of water bouncing off the car hoods that the past three summers did on a regular basis, every time the forecast said 'scattered showers.' For which I'm properly grateful.

Finished in the last week?
First three of the Dalemark quartet: The Spellcoats, Drowned Ammett, and Cart and Cwidder. They make much more sense when read together and in order because alone and separately none made much of an impression on me, back when I first read them in the 80s.

Reading now?
The Crown of Dalemark which rather requires having read the first three (and remembering what happened in each, a thing I'm very bad at.) I suppose one coul read it standalone and see if it makes any sense that way, but I'm not going to.

Benvenuto Cellini, which I started a bare ten days ago or so, and which is never-ending.

Terra Nostra, a bit. I've read this twice but not since the early 80s. Some details come back, and names which give me an oogey feeling, but the passage I've just read might as well have been for the first time.

Along with the Max Gladstone I bought a Marjorie Liu, just to see if she's as different as some people say. Patricia Briggs was quite different from the usual run, so it *can* happen. OTOH disgruntled me thinks urban fantasy reccers have very low standards: over at goodreads, Nalini Singh's cliched purple gets four and a half stars per book.
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