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Noted - Off the Cliff

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Thu Jul 21st, 2016

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08:41 pm - Noted
A month after the solstice it's still light at 8:30. Sun definitely westering, behind the houses, but not what one would call l'heure bleue. L'heure jaune perhaps: such being the clouds of warm summer evenings.

Certainly it's hot, but when I come from work it's not heavy unbreathing mug but something I have no word for: a coolish warm? Breezy unoppression? Much appreciated, whatever it is. The future is looking- well, warm. Normal daytime temps again next week, but for the next fortnight the lows will stay above 20C aka Too Warm. Ah well. Summer. Had to happen sometime.

Have given up on Masks and Shadows, which is too YA and too romantic for my palate. Shall look at Forever: a Novel and see if it suits, and if not... shall devote the next two muggy weeks to Cellini and Terra Nostra, books suited to timeless hot days.
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