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DWJ inventory

So I dropped Howl back off at the library, thinking as I did so 'It's not due for another two weeks I bet this is a bad idea.'

I came home, finished Conrad's Fate, went to put it up on the bedroom shelves so I wouldn't be tripping over it downstairs-- and naturally started routing out all the rest of my DWJ from their various locations in order to have them all in one place. I get these tidy urges from time to time. Also I forget what books I own if I don't look them over occasionally, the more so because half my English stuff is hiding behind (pretty ancient already) manga. (Even the manga gets confusing. 'Why've I still got all this YYH here at the front? oh it's FMA.')

From this exercise I discovered that I do have The Spell-coats which I couldn't find last summer (because it's hard cover and on the bottom shelf), I don't have The Magicians of Caprona which I thought I did, I really must have given away my copy of HMC though I can't think why I would, and I *didn't* give away my copy of Castle in the Air though I thought I had. Also that I remember nothing of CitA, which I read on the plane on one of my less happy trips to Japan. (1999 feels right for that one.) So I started reading it again. And--

Lettie is with Suliman. WTF? I thought it was the Prince part of the Man of Many Parts who was besotted with Lettie. Possibly I should just buy another copy of Howl and read it until it starts making sense.
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