mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The pleasant summer weather continues-

-I trust you are well.

Finished in the last week?

I have learned, if not to speed-read, then at least to read faster. Hence:

Vine, No Night Too Long. Not sure what to make of this. In the end I didn't much like anyone in it. Lowering to the spirits, in spite of happi endo.

Barnes, Cannonbridge. Nice enough playing around with alt.hist and belief and how the latter can effect (not affect) the former. Apparently this only works if you add demons to the equation.

Ackroyd, Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem. For once, an Ackroyd that I actually enjoyed! once I pushed through the original oogies to reach the bits that cast certain doubts on several of the narrators. Mid-Victorian London sounds like a hell-hole, and much more of a hellhole than the 18th century version of same (as deBarri argued in *his* book.)

None of these is nice happy summer reading, of course. More suited to a nasty dank cold November.

Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. *Finally.* Don't think this taught me anything new, or anything much at all. Like Conference of the Birds, a bunch of interesting stories illustrating a philosophy (Freudian, in this case) that makes no sense to me. Even the Buddhist parts read as simply strange.

Reading now?
Inspired by Campbell nevertheless, I'm making another stab at Alan Garner's compendium of trickster tales, The Guizer. May not get very far,.

Burgis, Masks and Shadows. Probably the light summer reading I'm jonesing for.

My guestroom shelves yielded up the Cellini I'd looked for vainly last month, so I continue my foraging through Renaissance and 16th century Italy. Cellini makes me want to read Machiavelli. Machiavelli has ideas; Cellini has metal-working interrupted by duels, or possibly duels interrupted by metal-working, and a protagonist who unpleasantly recalls Donald Trump.

And next?
Have Pete Hamill's Forever: a novel from the library, but am not sure it's what I thought it was. We shall see.
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