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So there's this thing in my neighbourhood called Porch View Dances, where various families agree to do a choreographed dance on five days in July. People are led from venue to venue by a group leader in an outsized Mad Hatter's hat, which makes him easy to follow. The local playwright across from me did it in 2014 with two of her girls. This year a family up the street, on the next block, signed up. I heard the music faintly last Wednesday, then went to listen to it Thursday and again today. The dancing is charming, of course, though my eye was on the eighteen month old who wandered happily through his older sisters' leaping and scattering flowers. A volunteer gave me the pamphlet for the do, from which I at last learned that the resonant music was Aaron Copland's. I went home humming it, trying to get it fixed in my head.

Googled his oeuvre when I got home, figured the opening must come from Overture for the Common Man, and so it was. Listened to it through. But the piece that follows it- the one the actual dancing happens to- wasn't there. And having listened to Overture, now I've forgotten the tune.

(There's a last performance tomorrow, and *maybe* I'll be through my acupuncture in time to catch it. Maybe.)

In happier domesticities, I finally decided that a blender with no lid was more of a pain than I wanted to put up with, and bought a new one. It's all plastic, it's light, it's wide and easy to clean. And then my Loblaws gets its house brand soy powder again after a mere seven years' absence. So I'm happily back to soy shakes for breakfast, happily because I was doing this on a temporary bridge that fit badly. Bridge is now permanent, but hot weather makes me want soy shakes rather than cereal and berries, and now I have the wherewithal to make them again.
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