mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading Wednesday

Just finished?

Brennan, A Natural History of Dragons
- slow for most of its length. Alt.victoriana is Victorian still, which is not my period; natural history dragons are lizards, which are not my creatures. Enterprising Victorian women travellers, whether real (Isabella Bird) or fictional (Amelia Peabody) are much of a muchness to me. The one intriguing thing about the book is the suggestion I got that this is a Jewish world, and so it is. (I love the name 'velveteen rabbi', by the way.) Didn't catch the early references, but when you have people sitting shiva for the dead- yes, well.

Should another volume wander my way I might read it, but natural history remains very much not my thing. I'm merely pleased at having removed another book from the living room stack.

Reading now?
Campbell, still. Dipping into Celtic Miscellany, still. And began Terra Nostra to see how weird it reads 35 years on. Dense, is how it reads. Pre-internet moi had staying power I can barely imagine now.

And next?
Masks and Shadows and Cannonbridge on their way from the library, as ever, which might be as interesting as the blurbs make them sound.
Tags: history, meme, reading_16, religion

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