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Still feel clobbered: possibly something to do with pressure changes and what-all. The new 100 Demons is in the mail and will stay there because there's a strike/ lockout starting Monday. This bothers me less than it would normally: I'm not in a state to do Ima Ichiko justice just now. But I do wish they'd throw the CEO of Canada Post out and revert the thing to government ownership. Harper appointed him in; can't Trudeau appoint him out?

tightropegirl states my thoughts on prose style more elegantly than ever I could, while talking about Evelyn Waugh. "I wish this rich, chocolate layer-cake prose style had not gone out of fashion. A few contemporary authors skirt it now and then (I can recite the ending of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" by heart) but we seem to be in a comparatively spare and puritanical age. I rage against the dying of the semicolon and the condescending treatment of the metaphor. We have gone from seven-course meals with port and cigars afterward to healthful oatmeal with flax milk."

I could say that the baroque is alive and well in fantasy, though I don't know about the 'well' part. It does require a deep immersion in the literature and very few people have that these days, at least on this side of the Atlantic.
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