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A Canada Day that began cool and damp, blew in a dark and stormy uhh storm, and ended with a windy blue evening too cool for just a t-shirt. If only my good weather memory was as precise as my bad weather one: this evening is what we had very frequently all through June. Sometimes warm blowy and sometimes cool but always invigorating. Memory however fixates on the 33C weekends and forgets mid-month that saw me in hoodie and bedsocks.

There are raccoon repellers that customers say work. They're sold through amazon and guess who's having a postal strike probably next week? amazon.jp ships Fedex always, the swine, but amazon.com lists only postal rates. Thus I must rise early tomorrow and head for the farthest east where a single Canadian Tire has the last bottle of a raccoon repellent spray that customers say works and that has been discontinued by its maker. Because I went out early this evening to drop a week's worth of namagomi into the recycler and found four young raccoons moseying about the back garden. Nocturnal, my left hind foot.

At the greengrocer's this afternoon two Asian men, old and young, approached me and asked did I know what rockets were, or neiborus? Older had a list written in katakana so I opined, in Japanese, that neiboru were navel oranges and they agreed yes, they must be, and they were over in the other part of the store. Rocket was niggling at my brain: I thought it might be a synonym for those garlic shoots we don't have here whose name I can't remember either. Turns out it's arugula.

Bentley, Trent's Own Case
Two Memoirs of Renaissance Florence
Two hundred and twenty-one Baker Streets
Wilson, Life in Shakespeare's England
Newman, The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School
Crombie, All Shall Be Well
Rankin, Standing in Another Man's Grave
debarri, The Bucks and Bawds of London Town
Burckhardt, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

OK, finished Burckhardt, my June thumper, as The Courtier was my May one. Will finish Dante's Vita Nuova tonight. I've met both my translation and non-fic challenges almost on the Italian Renaissance alone. Would dearly love to start A Distant Mirror, unearthed from the cellar boxes a few weeks ago, but as with The Prince, I have no idea where I put it.
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