mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A heaviness of body as well as spirit

I've been consoling myself that my balance scale is always five pounds lighter than the highly variable digital. Today I turned the balance scale around so my shadow didn't obscure the markings. And suddenly I was five pounds heavier.

There was an article the other day which said that the body's metabolism doesn't bounce back after a major weight loss, it slows down to a crawl. "...what obesity research has consistently shown is that dieters are at the mercy of their own bodies, which muster hormones and an altered metabolic rate to pull them back to their old weights, whether that is hundreds of pounds more or that extra 10 or 15 that many people are trying to keep off." Body, body, we can't *operate* at what I weighed four years ago.

Of course, one could just swear off those daily lattes, croissants, and Starbucks marble cakes, and see what that does.
Tags: health

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