mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy days make for dull reading

I was having a pleasant day: my aunt's 95th birthday lunch on a cool blowy sunny Sunday. Afterwards intended only to put my feet up and read The Bucks and Bawds of London Town, an historically suspect but amusing anecdotal history of Regency rakes. But then somehow I found myself dusting my bedroom, then vacuuming it, then moving the bed to get at the dust elephants behind it (alas for my naive belief that an air purifier would suck up all the dust).

And at the end of the achy afternoon, I'd thrown out a bunch of manga I will never read, put my winter humidifiers to soak in white vinegar, taken out the hard drive from the computer that's been sitting there unused for five years, carried the case downstairs to be recycled, and removed the mattress top that's been under the mattress since 2009. I believe that last was my first vague and fuzzy objective, but of course there are always preliminary steps. The barrier to my doing housework is thinking too precisely on the event; if I don't think about the stages involved, I can just jump in and wind up with a clean(ish) bedroom. Cleanish because there is no end to the making of dust bunnies and much vacuuming is a weariness of the flesh: also pointless. Another little tumbleweed will come rolling across the cleanest floor.

And now I must do it all over again in the side room, so I can throw out the old mattress under the futon and replace it with the mattress top. Another vague impression I had was that the top folded, so I could put it on the floor and use it for my exercises, since rug and yoga mat aren't thick enough for my poor poor elbows. But it doesn't, and so must go under the futon.

But I at least hope my newly hard mattress will be kind to my aching back, and also not slip about as it was irritatingly wont to do. And if it isn't- oh well. I shall put the mattress cover back.

(Rug is currently airing on the line, and possibly the wind will blow some more dust out of it. Alas, cherries are starting to ripen and fall, so this feat will not be repeated soon.) (Desk chair will also go out soon, and I might even weed more of those manga boxes of anything that doesn't look promising. My eyes are too bad to read pointless 90s BL about salarymen and guys in school uniforms.)
Tags: manga, rl_16

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