mjj (flemmings) wrote,

If the man swears tonight will be 13...

...I will believe him, though I know he lies. Because right now it's 28, or 82F,

Am grateful that the threatened all-day severe thunderstorms didn't happen, or happened when I was asleep and failed to wake me up, because today was the Open Mic do when various places around Seaton Village (= my section of town) set up microphones and anyone who wants to puts on a mini-concert of circa half an hour, I think. No one around here plays early music or even classical, so I generally don't pay much mind to the event. But it was a sunny dry roastingly hot day, and the denizens were happy.

Burckhardt was 19th century, OK. I will try to ignore his bias that anything Islamic = corruption and chaos. What a good thing the Turks never got a hold on Venice or it would have declined into irremediable corruption and chaos, he says, just before his disquisition on the state of Rome under Cesare Borgia. Four or five bodies a night, you say, and not commoners but prelates and nobles? Lucky there were no Turks around.
Tags: history, rl_16

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