mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Cherries appear on the tree, small and green and looking like olives. Not many at all, thank god.

Food of the week is asparagus wrapped in sliced roast beef. Helped with avocado or mayonnaise or mustard or possibly all three. Local Japanese restaurant has these, but their beef isn't deli-sliced. Is barely seared Real Thing off a chunk of sirloin, I fancy. However I don't feel up to slicing and searing a hunk of raw beef, hence will make do with the salty deli kind.

Property assessment arrives. And to think there are people who rejoice at discovering how much their house's value has increased. These are the people who don't care where they live, I suppose. But if I ever want to become homeless, the assessment folks are quite convinced that I could sell this dump for a million plus.

(When people post pictures of their pets and so on, I always note how *they* have shiny hardwood floors and *they* have solid well-painted moulding and *they* have ceramic tile in the kitchen, and why don't I? Because I'm too cowardly to get a reverse mortgage on this place and spend a quarter of its value on updating everything, is why.) (I had ceramic tile in the vestibule of my old place, and never again. One good rain and you wipe out at every step.)
Tags: food, place, rl_16
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