mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Saturday Blows By

It's indicative of... well, something, when a person who's collecting Old Age Security still feels a growling reluctance to do even the most basic kind of Adulting. I mean, maybe it's only indicative of my anti-inertia meds not being strong enough. But no matter. I did Adult today- washed all my summer pants and hung them out in the warm dry breeze, did all the accumulated dishes, vacuumed the hallway and living room, ate my veggies. Which I suppose proves that I'm an adult after all, of a sort.

The veggies actually have a story behind them. Cook made an amazing dip for Thursday snack: cream cheese with various unidentifiable herbs in it. ('Spinach!' says the cook. 'Garlic! Parsley! Kale! Those kids are eating veggies and never knowing it!') Put some aside in the dairy fridge, forgot of course, made note to take home Friday. 'There's a whole bunch of veg left over from morning snack,' cook says. 'I saved it for you in a container next to your dip. It'll only go to waste otherwise.' Yes, true. And it's expensive organic produce, so... But how many sliced cucumbers can one eat, I wonder.

Am reading Too Many Things at the moment. My non-fic doesn't enthrall, and my challenge fic requires close attention, and Armor of Light is long, I want something light and breezy for this pleasant weekend. So I embark on Trent's Own Case. At which two library books appear and the Holmes looks good and and and. There's a cure for this, of course, and it's called Goodreads. Once through a handful of reviews and I shan't want to read any of these.
Tags: food, reading_16, rl_16

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