mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My curtailed social life

I can't remember a thing that happened the day before yesterday, before it stopped being grinding summer and the weather turned perfect. But it's been perfect for two days now- breezy, cloud-andsun, warm, dry, 17 at night- and may be perfect tomorrow as well. (Thursday is to be hot and rain and thunder.) Then the temperatures slide back down for a lovely cool start to Ramadan, and very nice too.

Had lunch y'day with what is, in fact, my oldest friend- met in Catullus class in the fall of '67; and another friend met in the early 70's, both of whom were involved in the medieval drama group I backstaged for then. Both are also retired on the kind of pensions you get from the school board and the library system. A nice life, though E's mobility issues cut into the time she can spend at the pool or the masseur's. Had I infinite riches, would I be content to go to the gym and yoga and my trainer's and masseur's? Erm, possibly. But infinite riches would involve renovations to my house and I'd need all the feel-good techniques available.
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