mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lazy Saturday

30C isn't that bad if you're in the shade. Warm and invigorating.

This is a year for irises. Not only did the city put them in their (road-blocking traffic-slowing) planters, they're popping up in healthy profusion on all the front lawns. Including mine, and I have no idea how that happened.

The raccoons are back, snarling in my cherry tree. And a young raccoon sauntered slowly across my walkway as I was coming down the stairs, without even the sense to be afraid of the human. Really, squirrels have more brains.

Given what masses of books he's written, it's amazing that none of my local stores had any Edward Marston at all, and even more amazing, that none of the downtown libraries have him either. It's all 'access online' ebook that requires some kind of reader that even the librarians don't understand. The physical books are out in the burbs, and so I have put in a hold request.

In news I didn't want to hear, new property assessments come out next week. "Although assessments are linked to property taxes, homeowners should not panic about a steep rise in taxes, says MPAC." Yeah, sure.
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