mjj (flemmings) wrote,

No cure for the summertime blues

So hot, everyone says, so hot so hot so hot! And so it is. Heat warnings around here begin at 30C, which is a pleasant afternoon in southern California but in Toronto is unbearable. So say our Ethiopian staff and our Cambodian mother and everyone else. The dread word '2012' escapes our lips, as in 'oh please not as hot as 2012 was!' We haven't actually hit 30 yet, but the humidex is at 35 and environ Canada is saying 'adverse affect for those not accustomed to heat'-- which is us, in winter jackets a fortnight ago and spring jackets last weekend.

In this wanhope, I abandon all my books- the brane will not Elizabethan at all- and start a Barbara Vine mystery picked up from the Wee Free a while back. Had forgotten who Barbara Vine is, and that none of her avatars write straightforward cozies or police procedurals. Nonetheless, though I can't keep anyone straight, an English mystery is exactly the easy read that hot weather demands. To it I add a Tokyo specialty, Pepsi floats. In Tokyo one could get small cup servings of Haagen-Daz, and Pepsi in tins from the vending machines. In Tokyo this never made me gain weight, though I fancy here is another story.

Only yanno- I'm supposed to have a weather memory but couldn't recall what the weather was like a year ago. (Or anything else, for that matter.) I consult my LJ and discover that I do remember last May and June, I just transposed the events to July and August. And that, indeed, is because last May was exactly the same as this May: very cold in the middle of the month and regularly running 28 and 29 at the end. No one last year was going So hot so hot so hot when we heat-waved then; and now I'm wondering why we're doing it now.
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