mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Not to read but to have

With sun and warm weather comes the Front Lawn Library, and with sun and warm weather comes a decrease in will power. I'm supposed to be reading the books in my house, yes? Yes: and so I have been, for the most part. But as I was heading out yesterday, behold! the Blasted Tree House had a pile of books on their front lawn planter, and oh look! there's The Portable Machiavelli and I was half-thinking of reading The Prince and yeah great!- when Mind says 'You *have* a copy of The Prince grabbed from someone else's front lawn.' Yabbut yabbut this one has the Discourses! and The Mandragola! and many other things, none of which I'm likely ever to read. So I picked it up. And in fact it's not at all portable, being much too heavy, so if I read The Prince it will be from my other copy if I can ever find it again.

But once started I had to take that book about life in the Middle Ages, as if I didn't already have several (unread) of same, and an introduction to Chinese (ditto), and the autobiography of a Vietnamese monk, and a history of the Mongol Empire, and vol 1 of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, translated.

And now I feel as if I'd over-eaten at a buffet- satiated and logey, and feeling even sicker at the thought that some day I must actually *read* these books.
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