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The minor tribulations and pleasures of life - Off the Cliff

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Fri May 20th, 2016

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08:26 pm - The minor tribulations and pleasures of life
I haven't worn t-shirts for a decade. They're basically either too hot or too cold, so in winter it's been long sleeved thermal underwear tops (which are never as thick and durable as the old Stanfields used to be, never quite big enough, and prone to getting bleach stains on them at work) and in summer tank tops and hapi coats, which let me sweat in peace. But this cold April had me rousting out my sad tees from twelve or fifteen years ago, all much raggedy and frayed- those that hadn't grown thin enough to be repurposed as summer sleepwear. (In 2003 I bought a bunch of grunge tops from a grunge store in the mall, and they served me better than well. Alas, only one is still respectable enough to wear even to work, where it will at once fall prey to bleach.)

So I went to the excellent Mark's Warehouse and bought four t-shirts on sale, in colours, with pockets. And discovered as-I-might-have-known that unless the day is a narrow margin between 12 and 14C, t-shirts are just too hot for work. Should have remembered that even in winter I regularly take my long sleeve shirt off and work in my tank top.

My excellent striped pair of (lounge) pants are still excellent. I bought a second pair, a size larger, and who knows how, but they at once ripped in the butt: not a seam, but a triangular flap torn loose. The material alas is thin enough that, while perfect for summer, it's clearly likely to unravel after contact with any sharp object. So I bought two more pairs in a different pattern from the same company in the same style: but they turn out to be thicker, and an XL in them is a size bigger than XL in the stripey ones, and they will not do, they will not do old shoe, not when the deadly heat begins, since even mild warmth reveals their shortcomings. I should just wash them with every wash I do and hope to take some of the stiffness out.

Meanwhile a crisis was threatening early next week: accidental double-booking, no one available to cover. I found someone who could do my Tuesday shift, and figured ways to work around the Wednesday one, so as to be able- though desperately unwilling- to cover the hours if needed. My elbows hurt and my knees lock and my neck has gone back to twinging and clunking at random. Arrived at work today to discover crisis has been solved after all, so now I have a four-day weekend ahead of me where I need only relax and not poke various bits of me to see if they're still semi-functional. Yay me.

The lilacs are *still* in a 75% state of bloom, clearly unwilling to entrust themselves to a city that might snow on them without warning. The temps are now normal or a little above and next week is supposed to be hot. So probably I should cut some of my bounty and get it into water before the lilacs decide to wither in the heat. Just as the beeyootiful Korean ginger tree down the street sent its perfume out for less than a week before the little blossoms began to brown at the edges. (I should mention that the lilac bush is now taller than the lilac tree was when the latter was cut down in 2010. Hanh.)

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Date:May 21st, 2016 01:36 am (UTC)
The cherry trees outside my building have both gone past their peak, and their blossom is now brown at the edges. It's always so depressing when that happens, and you're left for the next couple of weeks looking out at cherry blossom which is slowly getting browner and browner.
[User Picture]
Date:May 22nd, 2016 12:59 am (UTC)
That's sad. Must be a different kind of cherry from mine (does it produce actual cherries?) because my blossoms blow away in the gentle breeze of a sakura blizzard just like cherry blossoms are supposed to.
[User Picture]
Date:May 22nd, 2016 01:11 am (UTC)
Ours just seem to cling there, well after the sell-by date. Some petals do fall, but a lot don't. And no, no actual cherries that I've ever seen.

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