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My bunnies were brought a Fisher-Price toy from Israel that sings and talks and flashes and whistles as all F-P things do, but in Hebrew. Turn it on and it says Ze ha zman le man gimot- Now it's time to sing and play, I believe, in a sickly-sweet school marm voice. I of course heard that as Ze has manly man gemot, which my language-addled head now renders as Ze has (in its possession) manly man. (Japanese Anglo-Saxon verb motsu- Past tense: mochten- Past participle: gemot) No it doesn't. I mean yes it does (Konoe, Waki) but they're not the main couple or even a couple at all. But- Ze has manly man gemot, and I can't get either the line or them out of my head.

Someone on Yuletide asked for Ze fic and I really want to write it because of what Konoe is and because it adds a nice touch to the seme x seme dynamic and because *jeez* the parallels with FB keep hitting me between the eyes: not that I've reached the part in FB where Shigure becomes the right bastard people say he does, nor do I know if their definition of a right bastard is the same as mine, nor do I suspect Shigure of the same kind of right-bastardy as Waki, nor am I sure Waki's right-bastardy is even that exactly. Waki still looks like a remix version of Shigure. He might not if I'd read Love Mode. Doubtless he'd look like someone there. But as it is- kimono-wearing easy-going sake-sipping master of a family residence subordinate to the main house, family with a strange secret to be guarded from outsiders, angsty and unhealthy relationships within the family and its uhh dependents: female characters you think are guys, even- we got 'em. FB redux.

But but but.

There are no new stories under the sun. That's especially true of romance fics. And let's face it: most fanfic is romance fic. The relationship /is/ the story. Plot? A minor detail existing only to allow the characters' emotions to be examined. What can a fic be but same-old same-old dressed in new clothes? The clothes may be stunning, but. (The story that knocked me flat most recently, which was afrai's yuletide JS&MN crossover, did so because the pastiche was perfect and the crossover unexpected and charming. But. Plot? Mh.)

Thus: a Waki/ Konoe fic needs a plot, something else happening to express their characters against because let's face it Waki x Konoe isn't going to happen, and making it happen loses the canon characters. So if I want more of Waki and Konoe... I need to go online and order vol.3, which is better than flailing about in the ignorance of one and a half tanks.

(On a side note: I can't keep FB characters straight. This is another thing that comes of reading translations. If I saw the kanji I might remember who all the infinitely confusable names belonged to.)

(On another note: in a curious coincidence, I'm told Hebrew ze means is, which is what the kanji read as ze means in Chinese: where it's not pronounced ze.)

ETA: I don't normally rec scanlations, for obvious reasons, but if you want a look at the thing they have vol 1 done here and the first chapter of vol 2. Take with a grain of salt. The summary begins "In the weird house of Wakeari". Man's name is Yoshiwara Waki if that's who they mean. No, he's not one of the family. I can't find any Mr. Wakeari (loosely, Mr For a certain reason) at all.
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