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Acupuncture is good for providing insight, or at least mine is,… - Off the Cliff

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Tue May 17th, 2016

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09:24 pm
Acupuncture is good for providing insight, or at least mine is, because it involves lying in a comfy lazee-boy reclining chair while wool-gathering music plays in the background. (Cannot stress the difference it makes, lying on one's back instead of one's stomach when there are pins stuck into you.)

And my insight today is that I'm only really happy when I have two places to live in. This was easy enough when there was the family house in addition to whatever apartment I was living at, or when I had a room in Japan and a house in Toronto, or even when I had my real house here and another fannish world I could go off to live in mentally. The sense of lack I've had for the last six and a half years, the feeling of the world gone narrow and sparse, no doubt has something to do with the physical limitations that make travelling much harder than it was; but mostly, I think, from not having that Other Place to retreat to on a regular basis.
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