mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Grey May Topos

poliphilo talks about familiar-feeling people in dreams: "It's like these people are my homies- only I can't put faces to them." Yup, know that one.

Two doors down's cherry has an enviable quantity of blossoms, seen now against a medieval grey and white sky. I suppose I must be content with that.

The Martha Grimes was fine but lord, the number of typos. Some previous reader went through with a pencil correcting them and still missed a bunch. Here's a mother telling her child a familiar story:

'A stranger was standing there at the end of the garden. He was not a vagrant, that was clear from his overcoat and his bat.'
'His bowler hat', I said. 'You left it out.'

Which confused me for pages, since bats were never mentioned again, until I realized the second speaker (the child) meant his mother had left out the word 'bowler.'

I know why I gave up on Inspector Banks and Inspector Dalziel (same reason: womanizing sexist pigs) but looking at Ian Rankin's oeuvre I can't discover the title that made me give up on Rebus. The wiki article rings vague bells about him (womanizing sexist pig) but it seems I've never read a thing of his. Maybe I'm thinking of another Inspector who's a womanizing sexist pig, and whose covers have misty grey pictures? (wiki's list of fictional DIs is useless, since it omits the last two series I read- Booth's Fry and Cooper, and Charles Todd's Insp Rutledge.

Not that I need new book/ library mystery reading. I'm supposed to be emptyiing the shelves here.
Tags: dreams, holmes, reading_16, rl_16

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