mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Survived the General Mtg- rather well, since there were lots of staff and the two cranky babies were happy as clams in the company of the older kids. Someone else cleaned up the not-yet-toilet-trained kids' accidents. Now I need only survive tomorrow's sakura viewing (or not because my sakura is all leaves) and two hours' work, and the weekend is mine to collapse in.

But it's burgeoning spring and, leaves or no, my sakura glows white against the blue night sky; while, in the daytime, the greening trees start to fill up the blue sky. Or the grey and cream sky, even more.

Have started a Martha Grimes mystery, which is mysterious and intriguing except for the happy chap nattering away about quantum and Godel and Schroedinger and Bohr and really, what has that to do with a family suddenly vanishing into thin air? Does Grimes do a lot of this?
Tags: reading_16, rl_16

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