mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wednesday Zombie

Allergies, malaise, whatever. Sleep for hours and wake up tired. Shall be so happy when this week is over even though I didn't work yesterday and was spared the logistical nightmare of Picture Day this morning.

Filled out census online, a cinch for me, a pain for anyone with a large family.

General Mtg tomorrow. Must try to be optimistic that it will be a piece of cake. Or at least, over soon.

Finished last week?
Three out of four of my library books.

M.C.Beaton, The Walkers of Dembley. Agatha Raisin #4, proving that I can so too read a book in an evening if it's familiar territory. This is a reissue of the series, so the 'preview of the next Agatha Raisin!!' at the back is of #12. It's very disconcerting when the guy she's wound up with at 4's end is suddenly referred to as 'her ex.'

Tony Ballantyne, Dream London. Yappari, no one does this like Gaiman, whose reworking of London names is inspired. This is just-- enh, well enough, but not what I'd have preferred from things like parks rearranging themselves and buildings growing taller.

Both the Beaton and the Ballantyne at least had no-big-deal gay characters.

Nalo Hopkinson, Report from Planet Midnight. Two stories, a speech and an interview by someone who's either being ironic or is a bit of a twit. Words on page do not indicate which. Myself I prefer Hopkinson's novels to her stories. Also, what is it with her and brothers?

Currently Reading?
Magnifico, goes w.o. saying. Possibly Phantasm Japan, though I'm not a fan of Nick Mamatas personally. He might be a good editor. Might. It pains me to say that Requires Hate writes very well.

Read next?
Still have a Martha Grimes from the library. Am itching for something undefined. Possibly to start on another non-fiction book in another category, but all the non-fic in the house are door-stoppers.
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