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How all occasions do inform against me

I've been vaguely aware for the last six months or so of people saying WA4, oh where is the translation of WA4, does anyone have a translation of WA4? to which I respond FINGERS IN EARS LALALA I DON'T HEAR YOU. The trouble with WA4? It has this important untranslatable word I can't decide how to translate. The word might well be the 'kotodama' 言霊 that shows up on the third page of the story. The spirit/ soul of words and how saying a thing can make it real and a bunch of related animistic Japanese ideas. Except kotodama isn't the problem word. It's the 'tsumaranai' that also shows up on the third page and that I couldn't translate without a footnote so it's easier not to.

Equally I was desultorily translating a Yumemakura story but couldn't bring myself to go back to it. Partly a problem of how to phrase a longish quote from Konjaku Monogatari in middle English to parallel the medieval Japanese of the original and *not* sound idiotic when I translate Yumemakura's modern Japanese paraphrase right afterwards, and partly because translating = yuck boring and-besides-my-teeth-hurt. (They do. It does. Whichever. Ow ow ow.)

To digress a moment: so kickinpants gave me a manga for Christmas. Ze. 是. I wasn't quite sure why at first. Read the first few lines of the back cover blurb. Standard BL. Read half the first chapter. Fruits Basket on BL crack: innocent naif with domestic skills comes to live in a house of assorted males some of whom are related to each other, others of whom seem not to be, all of whom are paired up and making out publicly and is the one inflatable-doll type female really a female or is it a new half or something, cause screwable females are an oddity in BL. But anyway, FB plus m/m sex, OK, and the apparent head of the family even dresses like Shigure. I put it aside for later and went back to the mundanities of Second Taiki.

Today I read the second half of ch.1. I... really can't tell you about the second half. It's probably not safe anyway, cause who knows what further switches she'll pull in chs 2, 3 and 4. But what should happen to pop up in here but kotodama, followed a page or so later by onmyou. So OK. The Flow nudges me. I shall translate WA4. I shall finish translating that Yumemakura. They'll provide some relief for the really really WEIRD doings in Ze. There's nothing like thinking you're in an ordinary BL manga and then having a character's arm fly off and land in the chafing dish, and when his distressed lover flies to his side, have the character say 'Get it out of the pot before it burns.'
Tags: onmyouji, translation, wa, ze
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