mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wait- so this Captive Prince trilogy I keep hearing about is actually the quondam !Super Cat gone pro? Lordy lordy. And how long ago all the gackt stuff seems. A decade is sometimes a decade after all.

Library strike looms. I respond by declaring an In House amnesty and picking up a raft of stuff from Lil Smith, the most SFF-likely library in TO (on account of housing the reference-only Judith Merrill Collection, once known as the Spaced-Out Library.) Went for Ballantyne's Dream London, came away with Nalo Hopkinson and Martha Grimes and some chance mystery that isn't even in the system. (ie the system can tell me I have it but not what the title is.) As ever, I intend to spend a day on the sofa with ice packs and beanbags for my random aches and pains. We will see if I do.

Would like a massage tomorrow as well, but local clinic gives seniors' discounts Mon-Thurs. Shall wait for next week.

S-i-l has planted lettuce in my swimming pool. Doubtless someone will eat it eventually. S-i-l herself takes off to the cottage just when the stuff gets big enough to harvest and so it goes to seed.
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