mjj (flemmings) wrote,

End of week

Woken at 7 by the Dolorous Phonecall. *So* wanted to say no because I already had a five hour day on my plate and a knee stiff with arthritis. Couldn't because Reasons. Thus much alcohol was consumed once I came home.

OTOH went to get money from my impoverished work account and found an impossible sum in balance. No idea why I decided to direct my tax refund to that account but happy I did. Treated me to take out Chinese that will last me at least three dinners.

Librarians set to strike on Monday. This will result in me reading more Books About The House and not giving in to the lure of library fleshpots.

Lilac bush in leaf with promise of many lilacs. Cherry tree thinking about blossoms. Cold spring may prevent cherries from emerging properly this year.

Tablets apparently on sale this weekend. May find myself with a tablet at last.
Tags: rl_16

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