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Through Death Note 3 and Bleach 4. Conflicted. I don't like reading Japanese in English, though I suppose the second- third- and fourth-guessing of DN reads easier in English than Japanese. (Probably doesn't make much sense in either language, and DN's implausibilities are more staring in English- the unquestioning naivete of top FBI agents being especially wince-worthy.) But mostly it's the feeling of reading blind. What's this Chad thing? I find that his name is Sado, but google fails to inform me if the Chad reading is the mangaka's or the translator's or what. Which irks me.

If I were completely innocent, I'd be buying more DN. It rivets. It resonates. Where is this obsessive relationship going to go? The main characters may not be likable but they're unlikable in creative ways ie they don't have innocent singing girls fed to their animals to prove how magnificently Badnasty they are. Oh, and I don't get the feeling I'm *supposed* to like them, which is why DN trumps CLAMP for all time.

But I'm not completely innocent. Read the spoiler ages ago before ever I knew I was going to read the manga. I know nothing other than the bare fact but suggestions are that the bare fact was not the ultimate and inevitable culmination of the obsessive relationship- which would have been cool- and was in fact the mangaka famously following his mangaka nose yet-once-again. So. Is it worth reading past v.3? Is there good stuff yet to be found before the spoiler?

Equally Bleach signally fails to move me so far. Must I spend another $50 before the characters start getting intriguing? In other people's opinions are they already intriguing and am I just not on Bleach's wavelength? I don't care about Ichigo. I don't care about Rukia. I don't care about Orihime. I don't really care much about anyone. Maybe I should just go back to my long-haired shoujo heroes? Maybe I should put in a request to shiny_monkey for a complete Kohri no Mamono no Monogatari?

What say all of ye?
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